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Hello, everyone.
I am MVGrarra and I am a character artist. I've always enjoyed creating characters and bringing them to life with art and writing.
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Posted by MVGrarra - July 30th, 2021

So, I've decided to try out an auction for an adopt!

This is to test the waters a bit a see if this is something I may want to do regularly.

For those interested, follow the link!



Posted by MVGrarra - June 29th, 2021

Hello, folks,

About a month or so ago, I started a Ko-Fi page. If you want to show me your support and aren't ready or interested in committing to a Patreon subscription quite yet, then this is a good way of doing so!


Keep in my: I'm just using Ko-Fi as a "tip jar" at the moment; there won't be any exclusive content or special art pieces posted there that you can't find on Patreon first, or here or my other art websites a month later. It's just another way to show your support if you'd like to use it!

Thank you for taking the time to read!

- MVGrarra


Posted by MVGrarra - March 13th, 2021

Starting a new theme on my Patreon! Read all about it on the link below!


The first art piece of this theme went up today!

Posted by MVGrarra - March 4th, 2021

Last month on my Patreon, I had a themed segment for the entire month called "Harpy Society" where I delved into some of the lore of my harpy characters, specifically their fashion.


It was all Patreon exclusive content, so I won't be uploading any of it here or my other portfolio websites anytime soon. It's also why February was lacking in previews. If you're interested in reading about my harpy's fashion and seeing all the ensembles, you can access it all with just the $1 subscription on my Patreon!


I will be starting a new theme very soon, however. Stayed tuned, as I will be revealing the theme if a handful of days!

Thank you for all the favorites, comments, and views! All of it is very appreciated, folks!

See you folks later!

- MVGrarra


Posted by MVGrarra - January 1st, 2021

Happy New Year, folks!

To celebrate my one year anniversary of being on Patreon, I've made some changes to my page!

I reduced the price of one of the tiers, added new benefits, and also added a brand new tier! Not only that, but all supporters will now have access to my art for a full month (exactly 4 weeks) before I release it here and my other art websites. Head over to my Patreon page to see a full breakdown of the new tiers and changes!


I appreciate all you folks' support, comments, and favorites, even if you aren't a patron! Here's to hoping 2021 isn't a dumpster fire lol. See you all later!



Posted by MVGrarra - November 1st, 2020

Hello, folks,

Just wanted to pop in quick say that my break is over and I'm back at it! I had two whole months off of drawing and I can feel the artistic vigor returning!

Also, I changed my content details on my Patreon. Long story short, I'm okay with drawing erect penises again. It can make for better art sometimes and I not as lewd as things could go.

Anyway, just wanted to update you guys real quick. Later!


Posted by MVGrarra - August 2nd, 2020

Hey, folks,

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a break in August (and possibly September). I haven't been able to draw much recently and it's clear to me that a much-needed break was in order after about a-half-a-year of constant art-flow. On my Patreon, I'm planning on uploading some old sketchbook work for my supporters, so if you've been thinking of subscribing, know that full, completed pieces won't be uploaded for a while. But, if some old MVGrarra sketchbook work sounds enticing, then by all means! I will be uploading some of my old sketchbook work to here and my other art site pages, but only a few. Most of them will stay Patreon exclusive.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you folks know that the art uploads will slow down for the next month or so. Basically just saying sorry in advance, I guess! I won't be gone too, too long, so don't worry.

See you guys soon!



Posted by MVGrarra - May 12th, 2020

Since there isn't something like a "scraps" folder for artwork, I've decided I'm simply going to delete the patreon previews after the release of the full image. Just figured I'd mention it if you're wondering what might have happened to them.

-- MVGrarra